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Online GIS Courses

Found some great online courses.  Enjoy!

 GIS Programming and Automation

 GPS and GNSS for Geospatial Professionals

 LiDAR Technology and Applications

 Many other online GIS courses

ArcGIS Pro beta 5 available

ArcGIS Pro software licensing changes in beta 5.

The beta 5 release of ArcGIS Pro is now available. You can download it from the ArcGIS Pro website or check for updates within ArcGIS Pro. This release has some important changes to the way you authorize your software license.

ArcGIS Pro follows a named user licensing model, where each user account is assigned permissions to access the software. Starting with beta 5, licenses for ArcGIS Pro are administered through your ArcGIS Online organizational account. This will be the software authorization method used for the remainder of the beta program, as well as in the final release.

If you’ve been using ArcGIS Pro beta, you’re already used to signing in to start the application. The difference now is that the organization administrator needs to assign each account a software license level and, optionally, any additional extensions. When you start ArcGIS Pro and sign in, the application runs with the level and extensions your administrator has specified.

If you’re not part of the beta program yet, remember that all current ArcGIS for Desktop customers are invited to join and download ArcGIS Pro. You can sign up on the ArcGIS Pro website.

Here’s what you need to do to use ArcGIS Pro.

If you are the administrator of an ArcGIS Online organization that is currently part of the ArcGIS Pro beta program, you need to use the ArcGIS Online website to specify which members can run ArcGIS Pro and the software licenses available to them. You can manage licenses for individual members or make bulk assignment updates. Licensing through Portal for ArcGIS will be available in a future beta release.

1. Sign in at You must have an administrator role.
2. On the My Organization page, click the Manage Licenses button.

Manage Licenses button

3. Assign licenses to members of your organization. You see graphs of the numbers of licenses available. The products and numbers of licenses you see in ArcGIS Online correspond to those to which your organization is entitled or has purchased.

My Organization's licenses

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Quantarctica (QGIS + Antarctica) Free Data

A QGIS specific free GIS dataset is available for downloading from the Quantarctica site (QGIS + Antarctica).  The GIS data contains geography, glaciology and geophysics data originally developed for in-house use at the the Norwegian Polar Institute.  Quantarctica was first released for public consumption in July of 2013 and there are plans to expand the data offerings with contributions from the research community.  The data is free for noncommercial use.

Users can download a base package which is 7GB in size.  The base package includes GIS base map vector and raster data, and scientific data covering geophysics and glaciology.  Geography data includes place name, facility, grounded ice, ice shelf, and outcrops.  Glaciology data includes ice thickness, ice-flow speed, and subglacial lakes.  Geophysics data includes geoid heights, and magnetic anomalies.  The data is available at a range of scales from continental to local.

FTP Sites :

Web Sites :

WorldView-3 satellite successfully launched on Aug 13,2014

WorldView-3 provides 8 high-resolution SWIR bands as well as the 12 bands of CAVIS  (Clouds, Aerosols, Water Vapor, Ice and Snow).   The spatial resolution for panchromatic and multispectral bands are 31cm and 1.24m, respectively.

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